“Color is one of the most important aspects of your website.”

However, far too often color enters the equation as an afterthought, or worse, not all all. This isn’t adequate. Color helps define how users perceive information. To add to the complexity of this issue, most of the judgements people make about your site’s color schemes are subconscious. They may not provide any feedback about your site’s color, but they’re always thinking about it- even if subconsciously…



Across human history, master painters and other artists have earned global recognition for their ability to manipulate colors. In the modern era, the artform now opens up a lot of new commercial and business applications, first in advertising, and now in web design.

Color plays a crucial role in User Experience. It transmits a psychological message to your users and choosing the right colors for your brand, logo or product can be vital as it helps your brand or product get easily recognized and identified with your industry.

Coca-Cola is red whilst AT&T is blue and this is not just a coincidence. The correct use of color is vital to creating a positive image among your users. Furthermore, color plays a huge role in recognition. It triggers all the senses, instantly delivering a message like no other communication method. In this article, I will be discussing the effect different colours have on user psychology. This can assist you in deciding which colors to user in order to convey a positive user experience for your users.


Have any tips or suggestions on how color can be used to better improve UX? Let us know below!


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