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Top 10 UX Design Tips from a Psychologist

“Beauty alters how we think and behave.”

Gestalt psychology suggests people perceive the entirety of a thing before they see their individual parts. So before they focus in on the details of any part of your website, they get an overall aesthetic impression. And if the page is beautiful, that impression’s going to be a good one.

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Website Credibility Checklist: Top 25

Your website is often the first point of contact for the customers, responsible for first impressions and of course sources of revenue. Companies that design for credibility have a strategic advantage over their competition.

Check out this Top 25 list of tips to ensure your website is attracting the business you’re after!

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Website Pricing

You probably came here in the process of doing research. Are you a small business looking to build a website? Or maybe you’re a non-profit, looking to redesign your website in order to more effectively communicate your mission? Or, are you the marketing director for a multi-million dollar organization looking to improve customer relations and increase revenues?

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What is UX or User Experience

What are you’re website visitors thinking when they visit your site? Heres the inside skinny of the things going on in their minds that they may not even be concious of…

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The Design Process

Thinking of building a website or redesigning an old one? This quick guide will give you a better understanding of the many considerations that go into a professionally built site so can be best prepared no matter which route you choose, even if its building your own.

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Delight Your Vistors w/ Fast Loading Pages

The success of your website will depend on various factors. The use of intuitive navigation, sexy aesthetic and appealing design, quality content, – each of which play a vital role in making your website successful.

But if your website is slow, visitors will turn away in droves. They might even click the back button before your website loads, if this is the case, the user may never even see all the awesome things you’ve done to make your website kick-ass.

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